Window Cleaning

Get Pristine Finish of Windows with these Five Tips!

It is quite important to keep the cleanliness of residential and commercial places as per standards. Well, the households usually find it quite difficult to clean every corner of the house, and that is why they do the cleaning of floor and furniture only. However, if you want to keep the home completely germ and dust free, the cleaning chores should not be restricted to floor only. Windows of the house are usually left untidy because households prefer saving their time by leaving such types of chores.

  1. Use Household Stuff!

There is no restriction regarding the use of cleaning stuff as it can surely prove good if you bother to use the stuff that is easily available at home. It would be best if you use baking soda, lemons, vodka, and detergent. Household items prove undoubtedly perfect for flawless window cleaning in Dunmow. The best thing is that you will not have to buy the cleaning liquids from the market whereas the cleaning purpose will also be fulfilled.

  1. Gently remove the Stains!

The stains from the windows should not be cleaned with hard scrubber or scotch because such types of things leave scratches. It doesn’t matter how stubborn the stain is, you should make sure to gently remove it. A soft cloth or foam would prove good to wipe out the stains. However, the best way is to leave the stains with detergent or lemon for at least fifteen minutes because in this case, you won’t find any difficulty while cleaning the stubborn stains.

  1. Remove the Important Stuff from Surrounding!

The furniture that is usually kept in the surrounding of windows should be removed. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to protect the furniture from the drops of soapy water and the dust; sofas can get wet easily. So, it would be better if you cover the furniture with large plastic. Meanwhile, the curtains are also important to remove as they may get dirty while washing the windows.

  1. Soak Water with Dry Cloth!

At the end of the washing process, you should soak the water, and for this purpose, a soft cloth should be used. Well, you can use newspaper as well.

  1. Apply Protector!

The protector should be applied to the glass after completing the cleaning process as it will help you prevent the stains and scratches.

4 Opportunities for Window Cleaners in Commercial Sector!

The window cleaning business is going at its peak especially in Chelmsford as here not only the households but business persons are also aware of the importance of tidy and cleaned windows. Well, if you are working as a window cleaner and striving hard for making a clientele in Chelmsford then why don’t you switch from the residential sector to commercial one? Yes, there are unlimited opportunities and benefits for window cleaners in the business area because companies and building owners try to get the windows cleaned twice in a month which means you can earn more income by working independently.

More Clients

When you enter a commercial sector, you won’t have to make unnecessary efforts for getting work. In the commercial sector, business persons prefer to keep the office premises tidy and so they hire window cleaners but in residential areas, households prefer DIY ideas and they do not hire experts for weekly cleaning. You can maintain a strong reputation by providing quality services of commercial window cleaning in Chelmsford because companies do not compromise on the quality of work.

A chance to Make Contacts in the Market

The commercial sector provides hundreds of opportunities. You can make good contacts in the market by meeting different businessmen. The contacts can help you get more work within the commercial sector as you can ask your clients to refer your work to other companies or business persons. Make sure that you have your own visiting card or a profile card because leaving the cards to client’s premises help for advertising concern.

High Profit

In the commercial sector, your struggles will be reduced. The businesspersons do not bargain a lot as other clients do. It means you can easily set fixed charges however offering a discount on an occasional basis can help you achieve more cleaning contracts which mean, high profit will become easy to earn.

No need to find a Job!

There is no doubt that getting associated with cleaning firms give you chances of growth but you will have to bear all the expenses with the fixed salary. More on, finding a job in Chelmsford is also not easy due to the current recession in the economy. So when you choose to work in the commercial sector on an independent basis, you won’t have to go through tough interviews whereas the earning opportunities will also increase.

It clearly depends on your skills that being a window cleaner, how much you can earn in the commercial sector, the more you’ll put effort, double will be your income. In short, if you want to successful career in the field of window cleaning, try to provide your services to the commercial sector.