4 cons of Paver driveways that might lose your interest

We all have been planning for the latest things in home improvement and when it comes to driveways then there are so many other things that need to consider also. We suggest you improve driveways to add value in your home but make sure you have check out the quality as well for leaving a good impression. Paved driveways are being opted widely these days to design driveways for the unique and interesting pattern but we need to consider its cons as well because it may lose your interest and you think either we should go for this or not.

Not ideal for freezing season

 It has been seen that paver driveways are not ideal for freezing season and thaw cycle. It’s not permeable as well and water remains there over the surface. The ground might get affected and cause erosion as well. Block paving in Worcester are being offered and claimed that it is ideal for the freezing & thaw cycle.

Need additional drainage

 For blocked paved driveways additional drainage needs to install because it has no porous material for absorbing water so drainage needs to install. It will cost you too much and most often you require planning permission as well. Be prepare for this.

Snow shoveling is impossible

 It would create troubles in the winter season and snow shoveling is impossible with block paved driveways. Dust and debris would be difficult to clear and we won’t be able to give the pristine appearance to the driveways. Have you considered these things before or not? Block paving is not good for snow shoveling.


Color of block pavers will get fade over time because of ultraviolet exposure of light. You all might have invested a heavy amount to block pavers but we need to consider this fact also. It won’t go well with long-lasting color appearance. The color will get fade after some time.


These are some disadvantages of paver driveways that may put you in confusion either we need to go with this or not but hiring expert companies just like Landscaping Bromsgrove you will come to know how much they have been putting efforts to give you the best long-lasting results.